madridonthebrink-S25-->S29A night of video dispatches from the front lines of movements in
Spain, Greece, and Portugal

Monday, February 18 @ 5PM
Le Centre Pompidou, Salle Triangle (right of main entrance to Le Centre Pompidou)
Paris, France

Since the dawn of the most recent crisis of capitalism in 2008, there have been uprisings all over the globe. Around the world, advocates for a different world and different social relations have engaged in strikes, riots, and occupations, while simultaneously creating networks of solidarity and mutual aid.

Filmmaker Brandon Jourdan and researcher Marianne Maeckelbergh have been documenting these revolts as they unfold, reporting from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, the UK and the US as part of their online film series at

Their reports have been featured on news outlets and websites like Democracy Now, Grit TV, Adbusters, Salon, Reflection On A Revolution, Stir, and CounterPunch. They’ve collaborated with various filmmakers and media collectives including Mosireen in Cairo, David Martinez in Oakland, Carlos Delclos in Barcelona, and most recently with Luhuna Carvalho, a filmmaker and activist based in Lisbon, Portugal

Filmmaker Brandon Jourdan will join us for a salon and retrospective of some of his most recent mini documentaries together with a discussion about the evolution of the economic crisis and how people are organizing in response to the crisis.


Occupy Wall Street: One Year Later

By Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh

From Sept 15-17th Occupy Wall Street gathered in lower Manhattan to commemorate one full year of actions. The three days where broken up into a day of education, a day of celebration, and a day of liberation.

Occupy Wall Street participants used the anniversary to show that they are still active, organizing actions everyday all across the city. This is a short documentary which highlights some of Occupy Wall Street’s recent accomplishments, its broader influence, and where it is headed.